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Operating a transportation business can be lucrative, but cash flow challenges can impact even the most efficiently run firms. Factor Funding Co offers factoring solutions tailored to the unique cash flow needs of small to medium-sized transportation businesses. Whether you’re a budding enterprise or an expanding established company, we can transform your outstanding invoices into the immediate capital you need to fuel your growth.

Transportation Industry


Rising fuel costs can strain the budget of a transportation company. Keeping trucks on the road requires a constant supply of gasoline and diesel fuel, no matter what the cost per gallon might be. Repairs and maintenance costs can also put a strain on a company’s finances.

Maintaining a steady flow of cash into your transportation company can be difficult when customers are slow to pay invoices. Transportation company factoring is the solution if insufficient cash flow is:

  • Straining company finances
  • Preventing expansion
  • Making it difficult to meet payroll
  • Keeping your trucks off the road because of high fuel costs
  • Threatening your growth or survival

Benefits of

Transportation Company Factoring

Factor Funding Co can turn your outstanding invoiced receivables into immediate cash that your transportation company needs to keep your business growing and keeping your trucks on the road. Factor Funding Co knows the challenges of small and medium-sized companies in the transportation industry. Our transportation company factoring solutions can provide the cash to meet the needs of your company, including:

  • Payroll and operating expenses
  • Purchasing fuel
  • Truck routine maintenance and unanticipated repairs
  • Capital to expand into new markets and routes
  • Investing in new technology, such as security equipment and GPS devices
  • Taking advantage of growth opportunities

The competition in the transportation industry can be fierce. Your company’s reputation and survival depends on its ability to deliver a customer’s cargo on time. Factor Funding Co can provide you with the capital you need to build your company’s reputation and business.


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What better way to finance your business than with an expert with decades of experience helping other transportation company owners meet the unique demands of the transportation industry?

Running a business isn’t easy, and figuring out financing on your own is even harder. Waiting around won’t help you pay your expenses.

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