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Business owners in the automotive supply industry face a unique set of challenges due to the complex and dynamic nature of the automotive sector. For new or growing companies, maintaining sufficient inventories to fill customer orders can quickly deplete a company’s cash reserves. Weathering customer demand patterns, adapting to new manufacturing processes, and handing supply chain disruptions is difficult to do without a steady cash flow.

Major corporations can withstand periods when demand for working capital exceeds cash coming in from outstanding invoices. Small and medium-sized established businesses or new companies in the automotive industry might not be able to survive without a dependable and consistent cash flow. Cash shortages can limit a company’s ability to operate, including:

  • Filling current orders for customers
  • Paying employees
  • Staying updated with the latest innovations
  • Maintaining relationships with multiple suppliers
  • Mitigating production delays
  • Upgrading equipment or facilities
  • Meeting stricter emissions and efficiency standards

For businesses experiencing cash flow challenges, factoring unpaid invoices may offer the solution.

How Does Automotive Industry

Factoring Work?

Customers in the automotive industry demand favorable credit terms on their invoices. Supply companies in the automotive industry commonly wait 30 to 90 days or longer for a customer to pay an invoice. Automotive industry factoring turns unpaid invoices into immediate cash without having to wait for payment from the customer.

Automotive industry factoring is the sale of your company’s outstanding invoices at a discount from their face value. Your company receives an immediate cash payment that it can use as it wishes, and the factoring company receives payment of the invoice from the customer. Learn more about the entire invoice factoring process in our free guide.

Is Automotive Industry Factoring

Right For Your Company?

Factor Funding Company has been helping businesses nationwide in the automotive industry to solve their cash flow problems. Our financial solutions experts can help you build custom factoring solutions to meet the unique businesses demands of the automotive industry.

If you find yourself struggling to meet payroll, having difficulty filling customer orders due to inventory shortages, or running into challenges obtaining traditional financing due to inadequate income or credit histories, factoring might be the best option for you.

We understand that running a successful small or growing automotive business requires navigating unique challenges. Our goal is to help automotive supply business owners thrive in a complex and ever-evolving landscape.


Learn More About Automotive Industry Factoring

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