Debt CollectionServices

Debt collection services help turn your debt into cash and reduce associated losses.

Now you can focus on what you do best instead of hunting down overdue debts!

What is a Debt Collection Service?

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A debt collection service is a process that is used to recover overdue and uncollected sums of money as well as other valuable assets owed. This saves business money as they no longer need to use their own resources to pursue payment for delinquent debt.

How Does a Debt Collection Service Work?

Debt collection services enable businesses to recover delinquent debt without incurring additional cost or out of pocket expenses. Typically, the business pays nothing unless money is actually collected. In today’s credit society, businesses that sell goods or services on certain terms will likely experience customers who pay late or refuse to pay at all without drastic measures.

Unlike standard collection processes, our collection service employs uncommon techniques that yield unmatched results anywhere else in the industry. It frees up the in-house personnel of your business so they can focus on what they do best—concentrating on increasing sales!

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Our clients use Debt Collection Services to:

UseServiceTo Collect Debt

Collect delinquent debt

UseServiceTo Increase Sales

Free up resources such as in-house personnel who should be concentrating on increasing sales for your company

With debt collection services, businesses can focus on what they do best instead of hunting down overdue debt.

Debt Collection Services Process

step 2

Your request will be reviewed and a representative will contact you to discuss your status and options.

step 3

Once approved, arrangements will be finalized.

step 4

Factor Funding will then start collecting your delinquent debt for you!

step verified

Once you have qualified for our service, your next debt collection service request will be available even faster.

Requirements For

Debt Collection Services

Debt collection services are available to businesses that have:
Overdue or uncollected delinquent debt and don’t have the time or resources to allocate to the chase.

Required Documentation
debt collection factoring documentation

To complete the debt collection services application, we may ask for some or all of the following:

  • Articles of Incorporation or Assumed Name certificates
  • Copy of applicants driver’s license and social security card
  • Accounts receivable aging and invoices
  • Copy of business/liability insurance
  • Customer list
  • Copy of contracts or purchase orders
  • Copy of operating authority (MC#_______) (Trucking)
  • Worker’s compensation insurance (temporary staffing firms)
  • List of all jobs currently working on (construction)
  • Federal Tax Identification #/W-9

Debt Collection Services

Who uses debt collection services? Business who are owed money and are unable to collect, for any reason.

Benefits of Debt Collection Services

— Especially with Factor Funding
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Free Your In-house Personnel from Having to Track Down Debt

Using in-house personnel to track down delinquent debt is not the best use of their time, nor the dollars you are paying them. Contact Factor Funding today to learn how to better allocate your resources through our debt collection service program.

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Years of Experience

Factor Funding has been around for 20 years. We provide merchant funding and other short-term loans and business services throughout the United States.

Get In Touch With Factor Funding

To Get Started with Merchant Funding

What better way to get the peace of mind you need surrounding your business financing than from an expert with decades of experience helping countless others in exactly the same way?

Reach out for assistance to ensure that your feeling of being in a rut over finances doesn’t last long. We get companies the quick cash they need to get things done in the here and now so they can focus on business success.

Waiting around won’t get you to the next level and help you reach goals you know your company is destined to achieve. We look forward to chatting about your business needs and how we might be able to partner with you!

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