Factoring Services

Factor Funding Co knows and understands the cash flow challenges owners of small and medium-sized retail businesses face on a daily basis. That is why we developed our retail factoring program to meet the meet the cash flow needs of your company.

Cash Flow Challenges

for Retail Businesses

If your business is facing any of the following situations arising from insufficient cash flow, retail receivables factoring is the solution for you:

  • Difficulty meeting payroll
  • Seasonal or unsteady sales patterns
  • Unique growth opportunities requiring a capital investment
  • Insufficient cash to purchase inventory
  • Rapidly growing start-up companies with no credit history
  • Business owners with past credit problems

Bank loans are usually not an available option for retail businesses that need the money quickly because of the red tape and delays associated with the typical bank loan. Factor Funding Co offers an alternative to bank financing that turns your credit card and other receivables into immediate cash through receivables factoring.

Retail Business

Financing Solutions

Factor Funding Co is a nationwide company offering retail factoring solutions to retail businesses. Its accounts receivable factoring solution offers companies in the retail industry the following benefits:

  • Steady and predictable influx of cash
  • Avoids the hassles associated with bank loans
  • Personal credit history is not an issue
  • Does not burden your company with debt
  • Your company’s invoices become immediate cash
  • Ability to grow and take advantage of new opportunities

Providing Cash Solutions

for Growing Businesses

Even healthy, rapidly growing retail businesses may need to convert receivables into cash. Retail factoring can provide the cash your company needs to:

  • Purchase additional inventory to meet demand
  • Expand current location to keep up business growth
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to add an additional location
  • Pay additional staff to meet seasonal demand

The retail industry is highly competitive. Companies that fail to grow to meet consumer demand for goods and services cannot compete. Cash flow problems that keep your company from expanding to meet the demands of today’s marketplace will negatively impact your company’s bottom line.


How Retail Factoring Can Help You

What better way to finance your business than with an expert with decades of experience helping other retail business owners grow their businesses?

Running a business isn’t easy, and figuring out financing on your own is even harder. Waiting around won’t help you pay your expenses.

Reach out to our financing experts to chat about your financial needs and learn how we can partner with you to help you achieve your business goals. Here’s to your success!