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In the oil and gas industry cash flow is the lifeblood of a successful business. We are a nationwide business funding service that recognizes that insufficient cash flow can restrict the growth of a business to the point of destroying it. We offer cash flow solutions in the form of oil and gas factoring services throughout the country.

Is Oil and Gas Factoring

the Right Choice for Your Company?

Whether your company engages in exploration services, field equipment supply, pipeline construction, or any other facet of the oil and gas industry, factoring can help you if slow-paying customers are:

  • Placing a strain on your company’s finances
  • Preventing your company from competing for new projects
  • Making it difficult for your company to meet payroll

If problems associated with customers who do not pay on time are preventing your company from growing, then our oil and gas factoring services can offer you a solution to your cash flow worries. Our experience working with companies like yours gives us the knowledge and understanding of the unique issues associated with the oil and gas industry.

Common Oil and Gas Industry

Cash Flow Challenges

Cash flow challenges are a common occurrence for growing companies in the oil and gas industry. Our oil and gas factoring customers come to us because of one or more of the following situations:

  • Growth opportunities requiring a significant capital investment
  • Customers who are in a position to demand aggressive credit terms
  • Sales volume that fluctuates due to seasonal or other factors
  • Slow accounts receivables that place a burden on cash flow
  • New companies without established credit or financial relationships
  • Rapidly growing companies with insufficient earnings and sales histories
  • Company owners with poor credit histories

Our years of nationwide experience with traditional invoice factoring combined with our oil and gas industry experience provide us with the knowledge and expertise to help your company meet these as well as other challenges with oil and gas factoring.


Learn More About Oil and Gas Industry Factoring

What better way to finance your business than with an expert with decades of experience helping other oil and gas company owners grow their businesses?

Running a business isn’t easy, and figuring out financing on your own is even harder. Waiting around won’t help you pay your expenses.

Reach out to our financing experts to chat about your financial needs and learn how we can partner with you to help you achieve your business goals. Here’s to your success!