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Machine shops throughout the United States are benefiting from improved economic conditions and a return of manufacturing work that had been outsourced to other countries. Increases in orders and rapid growth can create cash flow shortages for small to medium-sized machine shops that may not have the cash reserves or borrowing capabilities available to larger companies.

Purchasing raw materials and upgrading machinery to fill customer orders puts a strain on a company’s cash flow. Machine shop factoring offers cash flow solutions to meet the demands of companies that need cash quickly and without adding the financial burden of another debt to repay.

Consequences of

Cash Flow Shortages

Businesses in the manufacturing industry depend upon raw materials to fill customer orders but purchasing those materials can quickly deplete a company’s cash reserves. A thriving machine shop that cannot purchase raw materials will quickly lose business as customers take their orders elsewhere. Inadequate cash flow can cause a machine shop to be unable to:

  • Meet payroll and day-to-day operating expenses
  • Purchase additional equipment to fill customer orders
  • Upgrade and modernize equipment to pursue new customers
  • Grow within existing markets or expand into new markets

Cash Flow


Busy and successful small and medium-sized machine shops can be susceptible to cash flow fluctuations that may impair their business operations. Factor Funding Company has been a leader in developing cash flow solutions for businesses nationwide. From our years of experience working with machine shops and other businesses in the manufacturing industry, we know that a company’s cash flow can be affected by commonly occurring situations, including:

  • Customers demanding aggressive credit terms instead of C.O.D.
  • Seasonal fluctuations in sales volume
  • Customers who are slow to pay invoices
  • Being a new company without financial relationships or credit history
  • Company owners who cannot obtain financing because of poor credit histories
  • Experiencing rapid growth with insufficient earnings or credit history

Machine Shop

Factoring Solutions

Borrowing from banks takes time and adds an additional monthly payment to your company’s accounts payable. Machine shop factoring offers your company the opportunity to turn its outstanding invoices into immediate cash without the burden of repayment.


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