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Factoring Services For Information Technology Companies

Doing business in the highly competitive information technology industry offers many challenges to a small company, but nothing offers a greater challenge to the growth and success of a small business than the need for a reliable source of cash flow. Factor Funding Co. offers small- and medium-sized information technology companies a reliable, cost-efficient cash flow solution that will not burden them with a monthly loan payment.

Cash Flow

Management Challenges

Customers who are slow to pay outstanding invoices for services that have already been performed can leave your company unable to meet the needs of new customer orders. In the highly competitive information technology industry, this usually means losing customers and orders to the competition.

Factor Funding Co. can provide your information technology company with financing to satisfy its demands for cash flow that include:

  • Payroll expenses
  • Current operating costs and expenses
  • Sudden capital expenditures to take advantage of new growth opportunities
  • Funding for expansion into new markets

Benefits of Factoring

for Information Technology Companies

Factoring for information technology companies offers cash flow management solutions focusing on your company’s outstanding invoices. Some of the benefits of invoice factoring with Factor Funding Co. include:

  • Access to an information technology factoring expert to explain and guide you through the process
  • An easy application and fast approvals
  • Company owner’s past credit history is not a factor
  • Receive up to 95 percent of the face value of your receivable within 48 hours
  • No restrictions on how your company uses the money
  • We collect the payments from your customers, so your company has no monthly payment


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