Hospitality & RestaurantFactoring

The hospitality and restaurant industry can be a challenge for a growing small to medium-sized company.

Companies that operate restaurants and bars depend on a steady cash flow to keep their businesses running. Our hospitality and restaurant factoring solutions were created to meet the needs of companies like yours.

Challenges in the Hospitality

and Restaurant Industry

Factor Funding Co is familiar with the unique issues facing companies in the highly competitive hospitality and restaurant industry, including:

  • Seasonal declines in sales
  • Owners with past credit problems
  • New businesses with no credit history
  • Rapidly growing businesses with fluctuating sales and earnings histories
  • Unique expansion opportunities that are lost because of capital shortage
  • Insufficient cash to meet payroll and other operating expenses
  • Inventory and supply needs that go unmet

How Can Our Factoring Services

Benefit Your Company

We offer hospitality and restaurant factoring solutions to solve your business’s cash flow problems by turning your credit card receipts into the immediate cash flow your restaurant or bar needs to:

  • Meet payroll expenses and operating expenses
  • Purchase inventory and supplies
  • Expand to an additional location
  • Take advantage of unique and time-sensitive growth opportunities


Advantages of Our Hospitality and Restaurant Factoring

Most businesses in the hospitality and restaurant industry face cash flow challenges at one time or another. Cash flow becomes a bigger issue during periods of growth, when having immediate access to cash can mean the difference between growth and missed opportunity.

Factor Funding Co has the experience working with hospitality and restaurant businesses nationwide to know how difficult it can be to obtain bank loans to finance your business. Even bars and restaurants with solid credit histories and strong financials may face a long application process ending in a bank declining the loan.

Our hospitality and restaurant factoring solutions can provide your business with the cash you need, when you need it. How you use it is totally up to you. Unlike a loan from a bank, our factoring solutions do not add debt to your company’s bottom line.